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Microsoft SQL Server Database Developer Training And Placement

Kanshe Infotech is Consulting Firm Which Provides World class training and assistance in placement. Online Training (Remote Training + Real-time exp) available. Our training is more than just hours of lecture, we believe in student engagement, motivation and knowledge sharing as tools for success and we do it with great dedication and precision. We offer online training that clearly stands out of the group, sign up for a demo session.

Our Training Features:

·        You will receive top quality instruction that Kanshe Infotech is famous for Online IT training.

·        Trainees will receive immediate response to any training related queries, either technical or otherwise. We advise our trainees not to wait till the next class to seek answers to any technical issue.

·        Training sessions are conducted by real-time instructor with real-time examples.

·        Every training session is recorded and posted to the batch after each weekend class.

·        We are offering online training on Microsoft SQL Server Database Developer.

We offer you: Entry level IT opportunities for OPT, CPT, LI, L2, H4, TN, Green card, and US citizens.

·        We provide training and placement assistance in technology of your choice.

·        Training and Placements for all Valid EAD’s.

·        Good online training virtual class room environment.

·        Highly qualified and experienced trainers.

·        Professional environment.

·        Special interview training

  • Training for skill enhancement.
  • Study material and Lab material provided.

·        E-Verified company.

·        100% Job Assistance and Guidance.


Microsoft SQL Server Database Developer Course

·   SQL Server Introduction

·   SQL Server 2008 Installation

·   Database Design Planning

·   Logical Database Design & Planning

·   Physical Database Design

·   File group Sizing and File Locations

·   Physical Table Design (File Level)

·   T-SQL Data Types and Variants


·   SELECT INTO & Bulk Operations

·   SELECT Statement and Variants


·   Table & Column Constraints

·   Data Integrity & Consistency

·   IDENTITY Property and Limitations

·   SQL Server Views and Security

·   Aliasing and Naming Conventions

·   System Views

·   T-SQL JOINS and Usage

·   Sub Queries & Nested Queries

·   Nested Queries and Sub Queries

·   Need For Indexes and Design

·   Indexes Use and Performance

·   Index Selectivity & Options

·   Need For Stored Procedures

·   Stored Procedures & RESULT SETS

·   Dynamic Stored Procedures

·   User Defined Functions (UDF)

·   System Functions & Usage

·   DDL Triggers and DML Triggers

·   Cursors Usage and Limitations

·   Transactions and ACID Properties

·   T-SQL Transaction Types

·   Nested Transactions and Rules

·   Impact of Open Transactions

·   T-SQL Transaction Save Points


If you are interested or if you know anyone looking for a change, please feel free to call or email me for details or questions. I look forward to seeing resumes from you or your known and highly recommended candidates.

Thank You.


Thanks & Regards

Sapna Bhadauriya

| HR Coordinator – Training & Placement |

| 6666 Harwin Drive Suite 440 Houston TX 77036 |

|(Direct) 832-675-9389 | (Office) 832-330-9377 x405 |  (Fax) 832-615-3419 |


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