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5 months ago

Earn income online what are you good at

  • Earning an income online is what many of us do and aspire to do, right?  But, how?

    You’re an expert at something.

    (Yeah, I’m talking to YOU!)

    At the very least, you’re very proficient at something.  Are there elements that you do in your current job every day that would be valuable to someone else? I’m sure there are quite a few things.  But, you’re probably overlooking them.

    Or, you deem them unimportant.

    For example, here are a few services that I’m thinking about providing here on the Smart Income Blog  to earn income online:

    • o          WordPress blog set-up
    • o          Blog upgrade
    • o          Social media account set-up (2 tiers- multiple accounts or one account)
    • o          custom Twitter background setup
    • I could also offer services from my day job, such as:
    • o          consulting on how to handle yourself on a job interview
    • o          resume writing techniques
    • o          write an ebook on both of the above

    Now, I do none of these things relating to blogging for my day job, but these are things I’ve learned how to do outside of it. 

    I figure these could be the gateway to earning income online.  So don’t be surprised if you check out my Services page and see these available in the next couple of weeks. 

      In fact, as I’m writing this, I can almost guarantee you will.

    I’ve written about the importance of having clients and that’s because it should be the centerpiece of your earning money online.

    It shouldn’t be the only income stream, but it should be the core that most of the other income streams should flow.  It may also not be residual or passive, but it can lead to those types of income later on down the line. From an aspiring internet entrepreneur point of view, you need to determine your worth!

    You really need to sit down and figure out what you’re good at and then figure out a way to monetize those goods.  It’s a dilemma that all people looking to profit from the web face.

    After all, that self-analysis and you still come up empty- what next? All is still not lost. Figure out what you’re passionate about and love learning about and become proficient in it. 

    Your mission is to become as much of an expert on the said subject (s) ASAP so you can start earning income from it.

    Everybody who is blogging about making money online is not an expert. Some are just really passionate about learning as much as they can about MMO and share what they learn.

    A combination of sharing what you learn and already know makes, or can make you into an expert.

    If you haven’t yet started making money from what you already know, what are you passionate about that you could start making money now? I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas!