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Remote Jobs with Amazon

As you know Amazon is world biggest ecommerce platform, it is also most trusted online merchant.

We are pleased to share you that Amazon has variety of online jobs for you. These Remote jobs with Amazon are flexible and high paying jobs.

If you are looking Remote Jobs at Amazon than read this blog till end, I hope you will get enough details how to start Remote job.


Remote Customer Service Jobs at Amazon

Amazon has setup thousands of customer service centers, interestingly these customer service centers are home based.

You can setup Amazon customer service center at home, to avail this opportunity, you only need high speed internet and phone line.

For more details you can visit Amazon job site, it is also noted Amazon remote agent service is available in certain states.

Amazon customer service positions are normally temporary but possibility of becoming permanent, you have to meet their requirements and punctual in attendance.

They offer guaranteed hourly wages, if you provide excellent service; these jobs can be part time or full time permanent.

If you have military veterans or expert bilingual reps than Amazon offer you good opportunity.


Amazon Mechanical Turk, excellent opportunity remote jobs at Amazon

Most of us familiar with Amazon Mechanical Turk, it is not full time job but some type of Remote work.

How Amazon Mechanical Turk work?

It is small task website where you have to pick up small task as worker and complete in due time frame. After successfully complete the task you will be paid.

You won’t’ get too much as payment is little if you job less than you can get this opportunity. It is also worth mention that these small tasks not required lot of time or commitment so you can complete job with little effort.

How you will get paid?

Amazon mTurk pays via Amazon payments which you later can transferred to your bank account or you can buy Amazon gift cards.

If you want to know more about Amazon mTurk, than you can visit their official website.


Human Resource Jobs?

One of the challenging jobs is human resource management job. Amazon as a big corporation required thousands of human resource managers, Amazon offer Remote positions for HR managers.

HR manager position required a bachelor’s degree, six-years’ experience, and (at least) one year of experience in a HR role.

Amazon HR jobs are high paying jobs so you can try luck at Amazon HR manager jobs.

Amazon affiliate Marketing Jobs

Possibly one of the best earning opportunity on Amazon is Amazon affiliate marketing work.

The Amazon affiliate program, which is also called "Amazon Associates" can be an easy and great way to monetize your website or blog.

Their signup process is simple, register and gets instant approval. After that you have to place link to on your website or blog. When some buy product you will get commission.

This is a good Remote jobs for Amazon, who want to earn some extra money on Amazon.

Amazon associates is 100% to join.

What is Amazon Flex?

Amazon flex is ride sharing app recently introduced by Amazon. It is just like Uber where Driver can register earn money by delivering Amazon products like packages, groceries and restaurant orders.

Top 5 Websites where you get Remote Jobs Amazon

Amazon is big corporation so they need lot of employees, you can find lot of full time part time and remote freelance jobs at Amazon.

You can find these jobs on several job portals Amazon has own job portal where you can find latest jobs. is world biggest job portal, every day tens of thousands of people visit You will get lot of Amazon related jobs at

You can visit Indeed here


Flexjobs is another popular job website. Every month 2 million people visit flexjobs for searching or posting jobs. Flexjobs has hundreds of telecommute and full time Amazon jobs,

You can visit here


Nearly 10 million monthly unique visitors Ziprecruiter is leading job portal. Ziprecruiter has variety of jobs. It is estimated that every day 1 million people visiting Ziprecruiter. Amazon and all other big giants post jobs on Ziprecruiter, you can find lot of Amazon jobs on Ziprecriter.


It is another job industry giant with nearly 35 Million unique visitors per month. Glassdoor offer free job posting service which make it more attractive. There are lots of Amazon jobs available at Glassdoor.


It is new but you can several Amazon job vacancies. This website has 55 K unique visitors monthly. You can find Amazon jobs at

Superfreelancers is fastest growing job portal for freelancers. It is 100% free for both Employers and Freelancers.

Freelancers will find variety of jobs including freelance jobs, Remote Jobs, Full time and part time jobs. You will find several Amazon related position of


What Qualifications Amazon required for Customer Service at Home?


Amazon has set some qualifications and other standards for their Remote customer service representative job.

You have at least high school diploma.

Prefer to Previous working experience from home.

You have to provide quiet working environment.

Technical skills required like email programs, Microsoft office and online shopping experience.

General computer experience is mandatory for remote jobs.

Some other Customer service skills:

  1. You should Dedicated to problem resolution
  2. Demonstrate a positive attitude is must
  3. You are Be able to resolve a conflict
  4. Patient and helpful
  5. Responsible in any given situation
  6. You must able to collect data accurately to identify solutions
  7. You must know how to use multiple tools
  8. You have to skills use situational judgment to determine actions
  9. A detail-oriented working style preferred


What type of benefits Amazon offer?

Amazon offers wide range of benefits for their employees. Amazon benefits can vary on location, working hours and length of job. Some of the common benefits are

·        Medical coverage

·        Discount on Amazon purchases

·        Company-paid basic life and accidental death & dismemberment insurance

·        Company-paid short-term and long-term disability

Over all Amazon is great place with working as Remote employee, they have good pay, commission and other fringe benefits.


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