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5 months ago

Why I Will Never Grow As Big As ProBlogger (And I Am Ok with That)

  • Why I Will Never Grow As Big As ProBlogger (And I Am Ok with That)

    I love the communities that I’m a part of online.  Not only do I love the interactions and friendships that are developing here on the Smart Income Blog, but also in the blogging world, in general.

    I’ve made lasting friendships with other bloggers I really respect, like John Aguiar, Moon Hussain, Pawel Grabowski to name a few.

    The Smart Income Blog was started so I could learn from and network with other bloggers and meet people with similar interests in internet marketing and making money online. 

    I’ve been fascinated by the industry for years.  Hell, I remember when the buzzword was “home-based business” and “mail-order marketing”.  That was pre-Internet.

    But, I’ve come to realize that if fostering a community is all that comes from SIB, then I’m TOTALLY fine with that.  If I never grow to have 1,000,000 friends on Twitter or Facebook, I’m cool with that.  British anthropologist Robin Dunbar, known for “Dunbar’s Number (150) suggests that the mind can only maintain 150 stable relationships.  Srini Rao from BlogCastFM has been saying this ever since I’ve known of him. 

    All our lives we’ve been so consumed with numbers. The more, the better.  Corporations every day “crunch” numbers to see the profit margins and if the numbers don’t add up, cuts are soon to follow.

    If I never have the opportunity to get as big, in terms of numbers, as ProBlogger or any other blog with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, that’s perfectly fine.  I’m more content with the small communities (or tribe) of people I communicate with on a regular basis.  If you’re reading this now, I’m talking about you.  Bigger is not always better, but the perception that it is is one of the biggest fallacies that we’ve been taught to believe our entire lives.

    Buy the biggest house.  Buy the biggest car. These are status symbols more so than a reflection of the people who possess them.  Having the money to do what you like to do- when you want to do it, is the real dream.  But too often online, you see people who are all about the quick money grab and not offering anything of value in return.

    Now, don’t get me wrong.  If I were ever to have the opportunity to “play with the big boys and girls” and “sit at the cool table”, I would do my best to maintain the standard that others set before.

    But, I’m not frantically seeking it out.  I’m a big fan of Darren Rowse and what he has done for the blogging community is indescribable.  My ultimate goal here is to cultivate relationships with people that I generally connect with and do it on a regular basis.  This may not be the most popular opinion and I know there are some who are going to disagree with my approach, but this is the way I’m proceeding.

    And yes, I’m learning things along the way that will help me generate a little income here and there. 

    The bottom line, keep plugging along.  What you’re doing may not seem like it’s working, but the work you’re doing now will pay off in the end.   And if you have your sights set on being bigger than Problogger, than yes, go for it!  A little progress is better than standing still doing nothing.