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    $6000 - Per Month
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$6000 Per Month
Full Time

Administrative Assistant - Integrated Assessment

Provides support functions to the lA Program. This includes but is not limited to: general 

office and clerical support, word processing, data entry, managing schedules of lA Screeners, time 

keeping and tracking of client data.

  • Provides highly skilled secretarial services to IA Program and lA Director.
  • Uses computer skills to maintain data bases for IA Program (including Excel and Access) to format presentations in power point, to track clients, productivity data, client scheduling and other data as required.
  • Types letters, reports and other information as requested.  Responsible for organizing and typing projects as needed.  Copy reports, articles, evaluations, etc. for the lA Program.
  • Take minutes of bi monthly lA Meeting and provides to IA Director within one business day of the meeting.
  • Develops and maintains detailed closed client file list database and sends to each screener/lead/director each month.  Piles charts and other material on a timely basis.  Retrieves all files in a timely basis.  Sends the files for storage off site and is responsible for retrieving files when needed in timely manner.
  • Develops and maintains a database of each IA personnel's car insurance and sends weekly reminders one month prior to expiration. Submits insurance to HR and keeps file of all IA personnel's insurance
  • Develops and maintains a prognosis database and sends quarterly reports to Director.
  • Maintains and distributes all new hire materials, including reading materials and all required screening tools (ASQ, EST, lA Policy and Procedure manual).  Obtains and maintains a signature page for each item given to each screener in a master file for return upon termination.
  • Completes and tracks supplies.  Keeps a log on each lA personnel entering/leaving the program and all necessary items to be returned.  Maintains a file for each lA Personnel with any supplies in current possession.  Maintains and re-orders supplies on a timely basis with prior Director approval.
  • Collects and tabulates statistics for inclusion in required reports each week.  Submits Case Assignment Reports in Excel and Access and sends to Director once per month.
  • Responsible for payroll and maintains an accurate record of staff vacations, sick time and other accrued time. Enters this information into the computer system/BHD calendar. Keeps the Director aware of schedules for all PTO, including updated bank of PTO for all employees.
  • Maintains contact with IA Screeners to obtain time cards, reports, schedules, etc.
  • Completes and submits a monthly expense report to maintain the program's budget.
  • Obtains and prepares all requests for reimbursement/payment for the IA program.  This includes mileage/intemet/cell phone reimbursement.  All requests for payment for trainings/consultants.   
  • Provides finance all supplemental documentation to verify payment.
  • Assists with data collection for the Quality Improvement process for the Integrated Assessment program
  • Completes the Case Activity Log (CAL) for each family and submits to the appropriate DCFS Intake Coordinator via email.
  • Documents and maintains a database of family meeting dates for each Screener and provides those dates for quarterly review to the Director.
  • Provides coverage for BHD in the absence of the 81--ID Administrative Assistant.

Job Requirements

  • High School or equivalent required.
  • Minimum of 5 years of progressive administrative experience.
  • Superior typing and computer skills required.
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written) and excellent organizational skills required.
  • Knowledge of psychological/social work and child welfare terminology preferred
  • Ability to multi-task and organize data and multiple job demands required.
  • Data base knowledge required.


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    Full Time
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    3 Years
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